The Keturah Fitness Studio hosts a number of Workshops every month.

Trapeze Yoga – This uses an aerial hammock to improve leg flexibility and we work on back and hip openers. We also work on deep relaxation techniques. The aerial yoga workshop begins with a chant for opening prayer and finishes with a closing prayer. We enjoy Indian tea afterwards.

Meditation and Chakra Opening - This is a workshop where we focus on our true self. At times we all have to deal with negative emotions and anxiety, this chattering of self doubt creates feelings of loneliness and drains our energy. These feelings are not real and do not belong to us! This workshop gives you techniques to help you overcome this chatter and raise your energy levels. We go through breathing techniques, Chakra Chanting, Meditation, and we finish by talking about how we can use these techniques on a day-to-day basis.

Intention Setting – we always run this workshop during a full moon to ensure the effectiveness of this powerful ritual. We write our new moon intentions on a piece of paper before burning them to release our intentions into the universe. This is an empowering experience. The workshop also includes breath work and Kundalini Yoga. The Kundalini Yoga reawakens your internal energy and lets it flow uninterrupted throughout your body helping you focus on the power of intention. 

Hot Yoga – The studio is heated to 30 degrees for this yoga workshop to give your whole body a truly intense work out. Turning up the heat not only helps you stretch more easily because your muscles are already warm, but you will also burn more calories than during a traditional yoga class. 

Flexy - This class will work on flexibility. It is great for Aerialists, yoga  & pole dancers. It is a 90 min workshop,  working on splits, middle standing splits and back flexibility.

Ketruah Workshops
Children's Aerial Workshops

Children's Workshops

Our aerial workshop is for children aged six to 13-years-old. We try to keep our feet off the ground for this!

The workshop starts with a warmup, before we begin to learn aerial hoop, it doesn't take long before everyone is creating beautiful moves and holds in the air. Then we move onto pole fitness. Again, we learn some amazing holds and dance moves to make our sequences look stunning.

Then our feet come back to earth to enjoy yoga and a mindfulness session.

The workshop is a great place to make friends, have fun, build strength, and grow in confidence. Everyone receives a certificate at the end of the workshop and a party bag.


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