I trained in Goa, India, under the renowned Yoga Guru, Ashok, for more than a month completing 300 hours of yoga training in that time. He remains my guru and confidante. It was an incredible experience as I learnt that Yoga was about the mind and your mental state, not just how flexible you can be. I ensure all my classes look at balancing mind and body by focusing on breathing, helping you connect with your body and be present in the moment. It can truly help day-to-day anxieties.

Yin Yoga, or Yin Flex as it is also known, focuses on holding stretches for six to seven minutes and concentrating on breathing within those stretches, so meditation forms part of the session. I concentrate on deep flexes from back bending to the splits and hip openings.  

My multi style yoga class brings together several yoga disciplines including Yin Flex, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. By putting all these disciplines into one class I’m able to create a flow throughout my lesson that gives you a total mind and body workout.

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Yoga Guru Ashok with Nina
Yoga Training in India
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